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(color is accurate in top photo)

remember last week when i showed that little cuff and said it was a wip turned rip?  well, not only did i cast on again in another yarn (the left over malabrigo arroyo from the pleats & arrows tunic), i even finished the pair in record time.  i want to say it took me two and a half days??? (!) crazy.  the pattern floated out of my head so if you were hoping for a link… so sorry.  but wait!  there’s hope!  i was thinking of posting the pattern as the recipe of the month on wednesday.  and there you have it.

this is fledge.  it was one of my ravelry links but a finished object none the less. again, a record time knit partly because i just love that madeline tosh prairie and partly because this is the sweetest, easiest, tiniest shawlette ever.  i love it & i’m already thinking about making another.

holy llama!

my first go at spinning llama this week.  this is no fo though.  this yarn is a work in progress, so stay tuned for the llama knitty gritty.

i also casted on another pair of socks last night, but the quarter inch of ribbing wasn’t exactly worth documenting here.  plus, i may end up ripping them out and using that yarn for another fledge.  it’s funny how i’ll be on such a roll and everything i’m working on seems so very perfect and then, SLAM!  i hit the wall.  that’s what happened last night.  i was working on swatches with the llama and they were all just sort of - eh.  so i thought, ‘i’m tired, and this is for a special recipient so… maybe i’m just overwhelmed.  take a break from this.’ i picked up the sock that i had been working on earlier in the day and ripped it all out, then decided on another pattern.  it’s still not doing it for me though - somehow - a quarter inch in.  blah.

i’m waiting on some yarn to arrive and then i’ll be casting on for a shawl i’ve been saving my pennies for.  maybe that’s it.  nothing can replace the project i really want to knit!

with that i bid you all adieu.  have a great monday & i’ll see you wednesday with the recipe of the month!

recipe of the month :: to be continued...

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