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big girl adventure

little girl blues


hesitation.  and a one hour tour turned three.

up and down the dusty hills i climbed.  i tip toed over tree roots and rocks and kept on steadily through the burning.  my mama drove us down - i haven’t been able to drive for about two and a half weeks.  she is good company.  my mama and i can laugh for hours over nothing so with me limping along and alizah pretending not to know us we had plenty of fuel for our cackles and they rang out against the thick forest.  i told her i should have brought along someone stronger after making our way down a mess of stairs i didn’t think i’d be able to scale to get back to the truck.  we exchanged a glance and burst.

big girl alizah stepped quietly behind the counselor listening but with her eyes far ahead.  she was looking for her friends and wouldn’t be content until she found them.  mae kicked off her boots and ran along the dirt trails like a mountain cat.  she would get so far ahead of us that other counselors were asking her if she was lost.  i said i wouldn’t be surprised if she darted off into the forest and up a tree.  we may never see her again!  

two full weeks our alizah will be gone.  camp palewopec.  it’s a magical place.  even though i was tired and hurting i still enjoyed all the tent houses and cabins perched on the hillsides.  hamocks freckled the woods and fire pits and old painted signs : CRAFTS —->  all maping out an atmosphere of fun and leisure.

i had icepacks from my hips to my ankles for two days after that excursion.  so worth it though.

each day i wake up a little less sore.  i’m delighted in being able to type without lightning shocks of pain in my hands and wrists.  i’m even slowly and i mean SLOWLY beginning to knit.  

i can walk upright much like most other humans.  

i can even cook again though it’s tiring standing in the kitchen and shuffling around dishes.  i’m such an old lady.  i made this tonight as a gift to me:

carmelized nectarines with cream and honey.  ya.  it was ridiculous.

the real blessing though came in the form of water from the sky.  a real life thunderstorm took hold and even if it only lasted ten or so minutes, mae and baby marcus made the most of each drop.

so, my dear blog friends, what i’m saying is - i’m on the mend.  hopefully i’ll even be around with some fo’s on monday!  (fingers crossed) xo monday & weekend blunders

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