Knitwear Designer//Pattern Drafter//Author//Teacher monday & weekend blunders

i’m here!  i mean, i made it.  phew!  hahaha

i am so blasted sick of being sick i can’t even tell you.  wednesday and thursday i was walking around feeling better - even did that last post at the wee hours into friday morning.  THEN!  friday i woke up with neck and shoulders stiff and sore & my head pounding so i thought, ok.  take some ibuprofin and get on with it.  and that’s what i did.  and i ate breakfast and sat on the couch with mae and all the while was feeling worse and worse.  then i puked my guts out.  fever kicked in and i slept until 2:30.  mae made me some lunch (grapes and goldfish crackers) & decided she’d had enough of this nonsense.  she suggested she visit with nana since they would be spending the day together on saturday any how.  what a funny and clever girl she is.  nana came to her rescue and i dove back into my fever-induced slumber.

saturday was more of the same - and hub’s birthday.  whoops.  he went out of town with his dad so the guilt was lifted a bit.

sunday came and i was crawling the walls!  mae and i grabbed nana and headed for the ima where we saw some some of this:

and some of this:

 but really, most importantly, while laying about on saturday…  THIS HAPPENED!

 i really enjoyed knitting this even if it may have been a personal record for dragging a project of this size out.  the details are just exquisite in this tiny gem & it was fun working the bottom up.  it gave my brain something new to process… and… i will say there was a thrill in finishing with three stitches.   here is the pattern link : andrea’s shawl

i hope everyone has a lovely monday! xo

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