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recipe of the month :: to be continued...

from tuesday

there’s a very good reason i’m sitting at my work table at 2 am with a glass of orange juice and a sock.

have you ever had one of those “oh shit” moments that make you do ridiculous things like press a button sixteen times waiting for it to be swayed by your will?  you see… i did just that tonight.

it was yet another night of tossing and turning (the insomnia and flare ups are another story for another time) that made me breathe deep heavy sighs and let my mind wander to things non-conducive to sleep - like work - like knitting - like ideas for projects and patterns that need to be drafted and suddenly it felt urgent so, i grabbed my phone to look over my notes on the socks i posted on monday.  the socks i was going to post the pattern for today.  i kept detailed pattern notes on the notes because it seems like that’s what the app is for and when i tapped the little yellow notepad… hmmm.  there was ONE single note.  maryanne’s phone number.  where have the others gone?  ALL THE OTHERS?  the patterns and reminders and OTHER phone numbers of people i run into at parties and art shows and… fuck.  i then did something truly insane.  i turned the phone over to make sure it was even mine.  i guess at 1:40 am in the dark your eyes could be playing terrible tricks on you but after a good once over i decided it was in fact my phone.

i’m now staring at a sock & asking it to reveal itself to me.

now that i have the back story out of the way… the recipe will have to wait.  xo

ravelry link time! monday