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two things

first off, i’m introducing the newest member of the spainhower tribe

she mostly does this:

and you may notice som knitting under her little head.  yes, yes!  i’ll be posting about that gem on wednesday.  

so, this new kid, marlowe… she’s mae’s speed for sure and follows her all around outside and when mae squats to dig in the dirt marlowe sits next to her and watches intently.  she follows big brother captain like a shadow & mimics his every move.  captain mostly just knocks her out of the way and snarls at her because, ya know, little sisters are sort of annoying.  i’m coming to terms with house training another dog which is by far my least favorite part of pooch ownership.  i’m also coming to terms with her fleas which we’ve never, ever had in this house before.  she’s had her bath and her flea combing and i’m using a natural spray that repels the little buggers and feeling very exhausted by the whole thing.  but, it is what it is.

i really enjoy watching her come out of her little shell more and more each day.  we can tell she had been mis-treated, but already she responds to her name and comes running to our whistles.  i think she’ll be a great addition (when she stops tinkling on my floor)!

and for part two i thought i’d share this smoothie alizah and i made last night.  it was SO, SO good that even hubs gulped it up.


1 cup fresh blueberries

1 cup ice

3/4 cup milk

1/4 cup heavy cream

juice from 1/2 a lime

1/2” piece of fresh ginger

lime slice for garnish

to make the smoothie, toss everything in the blender (except your garnish of course) and blend until smooth.  simple enough.

i will warn that because of the milk & lime combo, if you leave your smoothies out for a while they will “set” like a key lime pie!  they get sort of jelly-ish.  they still taste delicious, but i’d recommend enjoying promptly.

happy monday, friends.  see you wednesday with some knitting! xo wednesday

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