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dad socks.  i had posted pics before when i had started them with the knitpicks but have since decided on northhampton sport by valley yarns.  it’s really close to the knitpicks color and feel but ever so slightly lighter in weight.  or at least it feels that way to me.  for the heel i used the knitpicks palette doubled with the mystery nylon brown and it’s perfection.  just a smidgen thicker than the main wool with good squishy durability.  i’m nearing the end of sock one and so far so good.  i still really love the pattern, too!  so shocking for me!  ha!  these are the size medium by the way.  i can already envision him inspecting them for fit and feel.  fingers crossed.  hee hee

these may not last, so enjoy them now.  HA!  these were going to be a surprise gift but i was thinking the yarn was more masculine when i had the hank in hand.  now as i knit i see too much raspberry.  hmmmm.  i think these socks are going in time out until i can get a grasp on what i’m doing.  the yarn is scrumptious.  malabrigo sock, of course in stonechat.

now for the funny folly.  i know you’re all wondering what the hell is going on with this post because they’re all socks… right?  totally weird.  but not only did i think knitting a boat load of socks would be fun, i also thought i should knit two at a time!  that was NOT a great idea as mae would say.  the pattern looked pretty awesome, and i had just the right amount of malabrigo sock left in my stash from some recent shawls so….  i didn’t think far enough ahead to realize if i made any errors what so ever i’d be screwed because just getting into the groove of knitting two at a time is hard enough and everything was getting all tangled no matter how hard i tried to imitate the lady on youtube and i really should have just started with something super simple because as soon as i messed up it was going to be all over…..! and i feel like i just made my way back to where i started which was - if i made any errors.  right?  well, i already did.  i don’t know what i did but the count is off or something.

i’m a spaz.  these are getting ripped out and i’ll knit them one at a time on the circulars instead… like a normal person.  

this is not a sock.  this did not make me smack myself.  this was not knit on size 2.75 mm needles.  this is a nice, easy, practical hat that i knit for my hubs for our anniversary.  a little ribbed panel in some worsted weight cascade yarn… done in a day.  phew!

with that i bid you farewell.  i have a date at a yarn store with a pregnant lady and i don’t want to be late.

happy knitting sweet friends! xo


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