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sleeping arrangements

i woke up this morning with a headache and a stiff neck.

since lady marlowe has come into our lives we’ve had to make a few adjustments, like making sure no clothes are left on the floor because she will eat them and making sure we’re heavily stocked on dog food because she’s the biggest piggy in the house.

but just look at that face!

hahaha!  maybe this one is better 

the biggest change has been the sleeping arrangements.  marlowe has found a very interesting spot to claim in the bed and has displaced the kitties.  this caused a lot of shuffling and wriggling and rolling as we all found a new sweet spot. now, most nights mae sleeps in her own bed like a big girl but sometimes she wanders in around 9:30 and wants to snuggle.  normally, as soon as she drifts off into dream land i elbow hubs and tell him to put her in her bed (which is the top bunk and mamas can’t be expected to lift 5 year old dead weight that high), but recently i’ve found myself waking up around 12:30 am to a scene like this one:

this would explain the stiff neck.

what woke me up last night though was mae kneeing me in the face.  i’m not really sure how it was physically possible, but sleeping babes are very bendy.  so, i pushed her leg down and tried to pull my hair out from under marlowe.  i scooted down a little to find a crooked little spot for my willowy limbs to rest.  after i dozed off again, marlowe started barking.  she must have heard something out the window which is where our pillows are propped up.  hubs rolled over and told marlowe to shut it, then whacked me right in the face.  i guess when you’re half asleep you could easily mistake my head for a wiry little dog’s butt.  he immediately apologized by saying, “oh!  sorry babe!” and pet my head a little.

that might expalin the headache.

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