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from the inside

he watched the storm roll in from my work table.

we didn’t heed his kitty warnings & went out to spend time with our sweet friends, but as we drove home separately both hubs and i were forced to pull off into parking lots to wait for the rain to lift. we talked on the phone - him two blocks south of the house and me two blocks east. the water was unrelenting.

class aftermath. mae and i were both so tired from a mere hour and a half of teaching.

there’s something about having a disorder like mine that educates you on the beauty of a window pane.

the big girl and me were feeling under the weather - just sort of off kilter and crummy. i made candied ginger for us to nibble and within a day i was up and moving again. praise the immune boosting root!

the earth is making it apparent that she’s shifting her weight. i love the way the light has moved into the house at supper time. the temp has dropped, too and i realize it is a good time to sort the stash and get out the knits.

i made this little feather quilt bit knowing i would use it for something…. then had a dream about it getting dunked into a sink full of dirty water. naughty little scorpio mind. i’m the laziest quilter in all the land and i sort of smile to myself thinking about it as i machine sew my binding. as with knitting, i never took a sewing class. i often wonder what wonderful things i could do had i just taken a class or two.

apple tart with cheddar crust. it was a fun experiment, but hubs has requested a proper apple pie. it’s on the menu for tonight.

the boy. spending time with us in-between classes. tolerating the girls and the dogs and the apple tart. we still call him carl jr. it’s just how it is.

waking up baby. i’ve called it quits mostly in the babysitting front. it all came tumbling down when i had my flare up and i sort of like it that way. i’m feeding myself these days in the hours when the house is quiet and i can float happily along on my own frequency. i have my own hum. i almost forgot the sound of it.

this. my beautiful friend and i were discussing iced coffee and she sent me here. it is a long process indeed, but let me tell you! worth every gritty ground and tick of the clock.

it’s raining again and dark. i think it’s time for me to get to work sorting that stash of mine… and digging up some inspiration for my next project, but i’m heavy. it’s sort of wonderful how that happens. i have much to do and little desire to do it. is it terrible to sit in that place for a while? to indulge the sloth? i don’t think so. i readily indulge the hyper side so why not? balance.

i’m missing friends lately - far away ones… and recurring dreams are back. i woke up wondering what the cycle is. when are these dreams showing up in my life? how am i feeling & what am i doing? it may be time to start a dream journal. it is certainly time to start a prayer one.



seasonal sleepers