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it’s funny the way we try with all of our might to enlist foresight.  such a terrible struggle as the past is so void of mystery and we learn with each inch just a little more about our world within us and without us and then we try applying that knowledge to the unknown.  there are mathematicians who make this their living.  they calculate events in simply scrawled pencil marks.  

i had decided that my life would suddenly slow and creak open once the girls were both off to school and i was home alone.  it was a logical thing for me to think, right?  i mean, there’s still a part of me waiting for the day to come when the clock suddenly slows, but i feel like i often get less done and my back is still aching at the end of the day.

oh yes, i failed to take into consideration that i’d be cooking from scratch more often and preparing tonics and infusions.  that’s big.  i also didn’t know there would be a puppy with us again ready to pounce on every unguarded pair of underwear in the house.  sometimes i just find bits of waist bands.  is she eating eating them?!?  and so i find myself here in my quiet, serene blog-space less often.  i struggle to find even twenty minutes to work on the stacks of patterns that have been patiently living out their days on graph paper under dust and corrective marks.

but, hindsight does tell me that i work in surges like waves pulling me up to a crest where i plow forward until folding in on myself and crashing into the grit and the grind.  so, i’ll wait for it. 

now, on friday i had planned an hourly snippets post and took my picture on the hour every hour.  then, just as i was fixing dinner a storm landed with hail the size of quarters and golf balls.  wind blew so hard water was pushing through our closed windows, lightning struck our neighbor’s house, 40 foot trees were uprooted, and power lines were crashing onto the street with orange sparks and pops, one after the other.  needless to say, after comforting mae who was screaming, “are we gonna die!?” and cleaning up after a terrified puppy who ran in a circle peeing on herself, there was no way i was thinking about the blog.  here are my faves from that day:

7:30am hard getting up for school

11:30am delicious lunch date

12:30pm the blessed catnip

4:30pm post-tantrum

6:30pm hail

i have some knitting to share but it will have to wait.  until next time xo

fall veil and knitting, too.

from the inside