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progress and growth.  good.

it’s funny that i would choose something like knitting to fill my time - something that is by it’s very nature - slow.  i only say this because i knit as fast as possible.  i’m not one to savor each stitch and really sit in the middle of the project i’m on, letting that time engulf me.  some knitters are this way.  they turn off the tv and sit quietly watching each movement of their hands and needles as line is transformed into plane.

no, no.  i like to see the growth but i like to see it quickly - like time lapsed film - fingers and needles whizzing and fabric magically appearing underneath.  i will watch a particularly interesting movie while i knit because my hands know what they’re doing and my mind can go elsewhere until the credits run.  then, i can look down and there is half a shawl in my lap.

so… you now understand why these dad socks are working me.  if i work on a project for two weeks, it’s been too long.  even a sweater or a blanket.  TWO WEEKS.  not acceptable.  this is the one dad sock i’ve finally finished.

and it’s big of course, but i did my best to do it justice on the foot

and you know?  it’s a damn fine sock.

i made hubs put it on last night after closing the toe, but i had already started blocking it so… it was pretty wet.  wet wool - on your foot - eep.  i just had to make sure it was going to fit dad.  all that work and what if it was like and inch too short or something?  poor hubs.  it fit like a dream though.  he loves these socks and is really turning up the heat for me to make him a pair.  just in case you love them and can’t remember where i linked them before, here’s the pattern.

aaaaand, i finished these this week

seedy bow bands for my sweet friend rana and her baby girl who is due in october.  the seedy bow band is one of my free patterns, but now i’m thinking i should write one up for the little seedy.  what do you think?  it was awfully fun to make.

and you may remember yesterday i said i wanted to start on a shawl?  no?  well, i did.  and i did!

it’s so tiny & i’m really into that.  i’m using yarn i had left over from this shawl and i think i may even have some left over again.  crazy.  ummm this is the gingko shoulderette and i’m willing to bet i’ll have it done & blocked by the weekend.

so.  that’s that.  

ooooh!  i almost forgot.

i’m teaching a class at homespun this weekend, too so if you’re local and interested you can check it out here.

happy knitting! xo


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