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seasonal sleepers

can you find captain when he was just a baby pup?

we’re good sleepers (unless you see our sleeping arrangements… ha!) generally speaking our house is a good place to lay your head.  summer was full of children and animals and adults slumbering where they sat and it makes sense because our couches are covered in blankets and pillows and if you need to build a nest on the floor we have plenty of blankets to spare in the trunk.  the beds also have ample snuggle in and drift off accessories including kitties and pups to warm your feet (or head or back), but fall and winter are the best seasons for this.  waking up in the morning with chilly air biting the tip of my nose makes me really taste how sweet those moments are.  

i’m looking forward to it this year.  i’m not dreading the bitter and the dark.  it will be hard, as it always is, to pull my heavy legs out of the covers in the pitch black to wake the girls for school.  it will be even harder to pull their heavy legs out of the covers in the pitch black to go to school.  i’ll be on cold and flu fighting duty and often times my hands will be too cold to knit.  but it will be just right for wearing my knits and chili will be back on the menu.  we will all pile into my bed and watch movies at 5pm because it will be dark and it’ll feel like resting time.  we’ll cuddle and snuggle more and the heavy, hot, wet vapor will be replaced with thin, fresh, cleansing air.  the sunlight will turn cool and blue.  yeah.  

it’s gonna be good.

from the inside