i have but one resolution this year because i mostly think resolutions are just one more thing to press yourself up against - to worry yourself over - guilt beds to lay yourself down in.  that may sound profoundly pessimistic.  i understand, however it has been my experience to be true.

so.  my resolution.  i resolve to be brave.

this is broad and expands more with each deep breath of biting cold air.


Ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.
People who are ready to face and endure danger or pain.
Endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear: “we had to brave the heat”.
adjective.   courageous - gallant - valiant - bold - plucky - valorous
verb.   defy - dare - challenge - face - beard
for me, to be brave is to face myself as well as others - honestly and genuinely… no matter the circumstances or possible outcomes.
i think this is the only “resolution” i need to accomplish everything i want to in this year.
wishing you fulfilment  xo