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the dish

i’ve been a busy, busy lady these past weeks/months and will continue to focus my energies on the projects at hand. my knitting has taken a turn - i feel - in a very positive direction and my drive has been thrusting me forward at an alarming rate.

as i move forward, i may be less present online (as in, posting here).

what’s to come?

a lot of new designs - an entirely new line actually, that i have moderately grand plans for. this is the only taste i’m giving up… for now.

i will also be producing a pattern for HollaKnits for their spring collection. this is all devouring my attention in the most nourishing and soulful ways.

and speaking of being nourished…

i really love to find things like this as i try desperately to play catch-up on emails and link throughs. it makes me smile. also, a woman had commented on the hood hat recipe posted to a free knitting pattern website saying they were the same hats they would knit during world war two! how interesting. who would have thought? she said she was glad to see them coming back.

this fine lady has not only knit up multiple pairs of the honeycomb wrist warmers, but has used them as inspiration for her own variations. to inspire is humbling and quite the honor indeed. her blog looks very nice and i’m looking forward to getting to know it better.

the yarniacs have stalked me, (i guess) too. ha! their podcast is new to me, but quite entertaining indeed. it’s always sort of terrifying to hear or see someone talking about you or your work and i was real life blushing just as they described the eyelet yoke recipe. then, literally laughed out loud when they were trying to find the name of the designer. “courtney spainhower??” in unison: “hmmm”

something about it struck me funny. i loved it.

finally, IF YOU’RE A LOCAL…

knitting 101 is the next class i’m offering at homespun indy. well, it’s a workshop actually.

JANUARY 19th from noon-5pm

for more information like pricing and and how to sign up, click here.

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