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Bare Bones, etc.

Hello friends!  I wanted to swing by and let you know that the Bare Bones Garter Hat is now available on Ravelry!  This is a hat I whipped up for hubs and is a very quick little gift.  You can get all the details and download the pattern here as well as in the Patterns for Sale gallery.

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There really has been a lot of share-able knitting going on around here lately!  I had knit the DROPS raglan jacket years ago and frogged it because it was just barely too small but enough to bother me.  I had picked up about 6 hanks of Berroco Vintage for another project that I scrapped and realized it would be perfect for having another go at the jacket.

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It fits just absolutely PERFECTLY.  Now I just need to find some buttons to do it justice.  It was a great retreat to knit a pattern with someone else in the driver's seat.  It's been so long since I've had a chance to do that (save a simple hat here and there).  I had planned on doing some major button shopping today but, alas, the littlest one decided to puke in my lap while I was getting her ready for school this morning and sicklings take precedence over any sort of shopping - especially the button variety.

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Having a very good chance to stay put and get some things done online though... things I've been putting off for no good reason.  I put together some kits for the Evangeline Toque and have posted them for sale on my (sadly neglected) Etsy page.  The kits include enough gray yarn to complete the hat in any of the available sizes, the complete pattern, and yarn in your choice of red, white, sea-foam, or grey to match so that you can create your own pom pom.  here's a link to that if you're interested - or interested in passing it along.  

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I haven't checked lately, but in case he still hasn't posted anything I'll go ahead and talk up the boy's newest fo!  He's been working for months on a sweater (started with a vest, frogged, started a sweater, had to acquire more yarn, deal with fit issues, etc), and now it's done!! blocked, done, done!  I really hope he posts a full piece about it with lots of fun pictures but for now, I'll give you a peek at this.  Isn't it fantastic??


if you're wondering who "the boy" is - he's my blog contributor and favorite knitting fella.  you can find a link to his blog at the bottom left corner of any page.


that's all for today. stay warm and happy knitting!! xo

thank you.

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