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thank you.

There are days that are sweet reminders of how blessed I am to have the life I live.  

We are not rich (like, it's stupid how far from wealth we are), and our house is modest, located in a cramped little neighborhood, we still have furniture from before we were married, in fact, we use the dresser I've had since I was twelve, but boy do we try to live happily with grace and gratefulness.  It's a strange little balancing act where teetering between enough and not enough is a daily ritual.  Over a year ago I wrote a post about thanking each day for coming, for each sunrise, and each breath.  thank you, and more.  So, today being Thanksgiving and all, I wanted to share some things I'm immediately grateful for.

my girls. They can both confront me with terrible challenges, but they are kind, loving people.  Alizah leans toward moody and introverted, but she is exceedingly generous and thoughtful.  Mae has explosive outbursts and barks bossy, but she is even more compassionate than she is beastly, and sees a friend in everyone without judgement.  

my hubs.  He and Mae have very similar personalities - duality oozing - vicious and kind, harsh and sweet, bitter and hopeful.  He works diligently to be a better man and family man each day, easing in and juggling roles.  I'm eternally grateful for him taking up the weight of our household and putting his other endeavors on hold so that I can focus on raising our children and indulging in my own passion.

And even though I'm luckier than I can express in the way of family and friends, right now - at this very moment - I'm feeling pretty damn blessed to be sitting in bed with knitting and wine watching Medium and reflecting on the perfect chaos today brought about.

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