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we’ve been hard at work here.

i gutted the house, turned it on it’s side, and started over.  i reconnected with an adult from my childhood who said the key to being happy where you are is to move the furniture.  how perfect the alignment.  i am steadily pushing though my debilitating fears of being a failure in my quest to be brave.  to be brave in the face of myself.  man.  i’m plodding along riding the current trying not to tip the boat because it’s rocking.  i’m producing though, and i’m loving the ideas that are rushing me.  

hubs and i have been stronger together - reconnected, re-synched, rejoined… he’s been holding me up as i wilt and sob at every flick of a wrist.  sometimes i think collapsing into a heap is just what you need to find the strength in your legs again.  birth is painful - even the emotional kind.

however, here i am, moving forward.  as my sweet friend mare said, “just don’t stop.  what ever you do.”  so… for all my knitterly folks,

i’ve been putting off the of gathering test knitters for the collection.  it is currently 20 designs strong but i’ve had SO many ideas that i haven’t stopped to write sizing for most of them.  i will have a handful ready soon though.  i’d like to start getting all of that gathered up so if you’re interested, please send me a message through the contact form and let me know - additionally, let me know you’re experience level, how long you’ve been knitting, and make sure to include your e-mail.  once i’ve got some designs ready to move i’ll send out a list for you to look over and choose which item(s) you’re interested in testing.  i’ll add additional instructions at that time, too.  these are mostly infant or children’s apparel including accessories, toys, and small blankets.  no adult designs at this time.  thanks y’all. xoxox

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