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this world runs on liquefied dinosaurs

totally true, by the way.  these are the sorts of conversations the girls and i have in the car.

alizah told me you could die if you eat too much poop and we all laughed.  then we laughed again.

she wants to sign up for craft fairs this summer, too.  her dad and i were talking about it when i met him tonight to pick her up.  she and one of her friends started making things out of duct tape (remember the duct tape wallet craze a few years back?) - but these girls are making crowns and coming up with their own clever twists on the duct tape wallet, like making teeny tiny ones and putting them on key chain rings.  she may take after her mama after all.

there was this moment when we were driving and i saw the long line of cars creeping along in the oncoming lane and i thought it was totally bazaar that there are little people in these big, shiny, fast machines zipping around here and there without seeing each other’s eyes or height.  the moment passed.  i think i’m just exhausted and fighting mae’s never ending fever (she came down with it on thursday and will be going back to school tomorrow - finally.)

in other news, i’ve got the first round of patterns out to testing (insert squeals), a huge and hopefully final yarn order is headed to my door step, and my proposal is off to my editor in chief, the boy.  he comes in handy that one.  


the next round of patterns for testing will be ready to go next week.  if you’re interested, send me a message through the contact form and let me know.  i’ll get the list out soon after.  i can’t begin to describe how crucial you testers are and how much I LOVE YOU GUYS!


he says i should be more regular