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so, i went completely insane and started the green shawl over - again.  new yarn and completely new stitch pattern for the bottom half.  after all that extra work, i thought i should include some charts with the pattern just to make myself go totally bonkers.  it’s working by the way and the pattern will have to wait until the end of next week.  puhhh.

you know what isn’t waiting until the end of next week?  MEETING POINT.  she’s the soft little babe in the bottom left corner there…

(Holla Knits Spring/Summer Collection 2013)

allyson pulled together an amazing collection and it will be released on monday, april 15th on ravelry - check out all the delicious details at holla knits! or at allyson’s home blog, the sweatshop of love.

happy weekend xo

a perfect pear

step, step, change