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step, step, change

first things first.

hello you sweet spring.  seriously.  every easter i think the same thing as i’m shuffling around, going through the motions of my morning routine; “i can’t believe we survived another winter.”  winter used to be the longest, hardest, and most dreaded chunk of my year and it lingered… always… for too long.  SO, i’m beaming with joy and gratitude for the brighter months to come.

i’m also excited to share my designer interview over at HollaKnits!  it will be up later today, so please drop by and get the scoop.  i’m going to take part in the Holla Knits Blog Tour as well, so stay posted for updates on that.

the spring collection is set to debut on april 15th and after seeing all of the pieces i can honestly say it’s an honor to be among such talented designers.  every look is divine!  …and i will be knitting a couple of them.


there has been a fair amount of sweetness from my girls as of late, but equal if not rivaling amounts of sourness.  the waves we ride together…

mae is solidly 6 and the constant chattering has begun.  the other morning i woke up to her pinching my nose and saying, “so what, the new routine is ignoring me?”  no darling, this is called “sleeping” - she then proceeded to teach alizah and me about dog flubber. “dogs have flubber.  did you know that?  they swim in cold water so they have flubber.  you know how dogs go outside to go to the bathroom?  that’s why they have flubber… and fur.”

breathe in, smile, breathe out.


so, with the proposal off on it’s journey i wait and squirm.  i took a much needed break from editing because i was making ridiculous mistakes and was seriously questioning my sanity.  it’s also sort of depressing to sit and wait with piles of patterns around me and not have them doing a thing, so i designed a nice spring green shawl that i’ll be offering on ravelry next week.  

i’ve also begun another poncho - it’s child/teen sized and will most likely make its way into the collection.  this wasn’t my initial intent, but it just happens that way sometimes.  i will absolutely need to make an adult sized version as well.  pronto.

i’ll leave you know with some sweet pairings from these past weeks.  




he says i should be more regular