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loose ends & summer beginnings

summer is closing in - the weather is cooperating enough for sure, but i mean summer in the school year sense. since the girls attend an “extended school year” school, they’re carrying on until june 6th.  alizah has been working on her science fair project for three weeks now and is scrambling to get her boardjust so. it is, of course, more important than the actual science.

i’m excited to be working on a new design for knit picks - just received yarn support today in fact - and will be knitting like there’s no tomorrow! i need to get this one knit, written, edited, photographed and shipped in record time because the baby girl and i are setting off on an adventure. it’s going to be a real whirl wind around here with all of our planning and packing and knitting - and tying up loose ends of various sorts. sometimes the to-do list is so overwhelming i just have to sit down for a minute and let myself become acclimated to the impending hysteria. (what’s to come? we’ll be cowgirls, then visit a BLOG FRIEND! did you just die from excitement? me too.)

i’ll be keeping up on instagram but will be away from this space for a month or more. of course, i’ll be able to check emails and will do my best to respond… service is going to be tricky where we’re going. all you amazing testers that have the arrow caplet - you guys are number one so if you have any questions, i will respond as quickly as possible.

i will also be keeping up with the holla knits KAL! seriously, i can’t believe meeting point was #1. i’m flabbergasted actually. and flattered. and proud. and beaming with joy. here’s the holla knits kal info. i can’t wait to see these sweaters knit up - in fact, the nachtfalter in those grey linens sounds… divine. you’ll see what i mean if you click that link back there. ha!  thanks SO much to everyone who voted.  i feel supported and really blessed to be in the company of so many lovely knitters.

(and is that a new hat design, too?  what’s going on around here???)

so.  until next time. xo


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