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i’m so excited about the giveaway on monday - then unexpectedly finished another hat in record time.  i’ve decided to offer it as a free ravelry download until august 1st!  say what!?  here is the link

cutting teeth toque

i should seriously take more pictures of the hat tomorrow because the top is lovely, but i was just over it by the end of the day.  tomorrow is the last day of school (FINALLY) and i’m counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds.  we’re still sort of scrambling to get ready for our big adventure out west and somehow every time a turn around there is another pile of laundry.  i mean, seriously.  i just really want to come back in july, dump the contents of the suitcase in the washer and be done with it.  ha! am i the only one that hates laundry?  i wonder how i could become friends with it… hmmm.  what!?  no time for pondering such things!  i have a mile long list of things that still need to be packed.  like, knitting stuff.

i somehow managed to get all of my circular needles and notions in one place.  what an achievement.  seriously.  i really just need to figure out the secret to packing yarn for 30 days.  dear knitting gods, give me a sign!

i may secretly want to knit father’s day gifts, and i may secretly want to make slip stitch heel hats for my husband and father (who, by the way, i believe i will be spending father’s day with for the first time ever in my life.  how weird is that?)  but don’t tell them.  (smirk)  what’s the deal with hats lately?  have you noticed i go through some crazy knitting phases…?  anyways.  yes.  what are you knitting for father’s day, internet land?  give me some ideas.  no socks though - the last pair i knit for my pops were two different sizes (which reminds me - remember when i went through that sock knitting phase?  ha!  what a joke.) p.s. don’t remind me of any of this when i hit that phase again, kay?

well, i’m clearly delirious.  enjoy cutting teeth xo

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