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the weary

i’ve been home - home early actually, but working.  working 7 days a week.  working until 3, 4, 5 in the morning.  you know how those waves come.  even when my eyes lids feel like they’re made of rice paper i can’t stop adding up numbers for that shaping i want to use.  it’s a good wave to ride.

our journey west was more educational than i had anticipated.  i’ve never spent so much time among dirt roads, cactuses and free range… everything.  it took mae some getting used to and she would often shriek when the horses or cows or llamas (or wallaby) snuck up on her.  one morning after a fright with the horse she flung her hands to her sides and asked in her most exasperated voice, “why don’t they have this horse in a pen!?”  i loved it.  every creature allowed space.  that’s all there is out there in the valley i guess - space.  and rattlesnakes.

she, of course, got used to the horse nibbling at her hair, trying to join her on the top of her gravel heap, and chasing our dog with his tail high and mane whipping in the wind.

my little cowgirl.

during our trip she met a rattlesnake and took it’s tail, was surrounded by calves, drove cattle, drove a truck, met two horses without pens, learned how not to shear a llama, went up a mountain ablaze on a rescue mission, watched calves being branded (asked a lot of questions about it), learned how to rope, was startled by a wallaby, met her internet bff, ate cactus blooms (then waited patiently for the cactus needles to be plucked from the inside of her mouth), traveled up the biggest mountains she’s ever seen, and had tea parties on rooftops.

i think we’re both still recovering.  she asked me last night if we’re still on colorado time.  maybe we are!  ha!

there is another part of the trip that needs it’s own post.  it’s own title.  it’s own space.

so, until then… xo


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Farmhouse launch & free pattern!

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