in short

first things first.  i'm sure you've noticed the new new look - the new website - the new everything... 

though i'm still fine-tuning and adding patterns, so much is done!  if you're a knitter (why else would you be here?! HA!) and you're interested in test knitting patterns as they become available, there is actually a form you can fill out and submit way down at the bottom of any page.   rather than trying to keep up with everyone individually, i have put together an email list so that i can send out upcoming calls for testers, then they can reply with their pattern choices.  i'm hoping this helps me stream line and keep better track of everyone.  if you have test knit for me previously - you're already on the list.  of course, the first email you receive you can choose to opt out if you'd like.

if you're a fan of the boy, you can find a link to his neck of these woods in the footer as well as the hat blocking how-to, recipe of the month listings, free patterns, and other various things.   


i'm beat. 

but elated - at there is so much new, fresh, exciting stuff happening around here.  i am exhausted after working past midnight (again) but am so, so very pleased to have my latest sample off the needles and blocking!  this has been my most challenging sample yet - and though i still have a fair amount of work to finish the pattern itself, a thousand weights have been lifted.  july is a busy birthday month around here and i managed to miss all but one of them.  hubs got love.  dad, gram, mom-in-law, all lost in the hustle and toil this month carried.  as i move forward, building confidence and accuracy, i'll be able to find balance.  growing pains.  the boy said i was out of my league with this one and i just had to laugh.  he has a way of saying exactly what's what. 

(sorry for not sharing more, but this particular sample will be kept under lock and key until next spring) 

school starts this friday (gasp!) which is another little morsel to digest.  my big girl had her walk through and practiced her locker combination about a hundred times. it's hard to not get caught up in her excitement.  she's oozing nervous energy right now like sticky sap.  friday will be good (i hope) and we will all breathe a sigh.  


and because it's so easy to get caught up in the chaos, i'll leave you with a few sweet moments from the past week (or so)...