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one year's fall

oh friends.  the september fingerless gloves release was a huge success!   and the little moth shawlette is now available, too!  here is the ravelry link

photo 3.JPG

it's really too gorgeous.  seriously.  the colorway is just so unexpected and much more diverse in person with cool grey blue flecks throughout...

and as the season turns and the air cools i'm tempted to knit something for myself though i'm not sure i'll ever have the time.  that sweater the boy is knitting would be a nice fit for hubs... hats are in my mental queue for the big girl and hubs, too.  i recently finished a sidewinder for a friend - man, that's a nice pattern.  worth the $ for the full version with the various sizes and style options.  it was a nice distraction from the most labor intensive sample i've knit to date.  i barely came in under deadline on that one but i'm relieved to be moving on to the next two for the 2014 calendar year.

i'm afraid the downside to knitting for publication is that all of my work is kept under lock and key - so there isn't much to share these days!  mare says in her most reassuring way that the blog will be spilling over with knits next fall as magazines hit the shelves.   here's to next fall & to mare who has a super snazzy new website up these days.  


by any means

two new (today's secret word is: Malabrigo)