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conception to creation : part 3

So, my amazing GENIUS testers have done their work and the Quills Arrow Shawl is live.  It's a long journey for self-publishing any pattern - the writing, knitting, and testing are all imperative steps to providing a pattern with as few errors as possible so that the knitters who spend their precious time and money on your design can sit back and enjoy their knitting without throwing down the needles in a fit of rage over an error as simple as a missed "K1".   One of the things I hadn't anticipated when I first began selling (or even giving away) patterns was that no matter how clear and thorough you think you've been in writing directions, someone, somewhere is going to be confused.  Much of my time is spent replying to emails from people of all skill levels tackling one of my patterns.  Communicating with the public in a professional manner and being as helpful as possible can be tricky (and sometimes folks don't send particularly kind emails), but they're looking to you - the designer - the expert - and they need your help.

One of the big questions I've received from testers and knitters alike is: HOW DO I WEAR THIS?  I thought the same thing once I had my shawl off the needles.  I was so busy thinking about how big and beautiful it would be that I hadn't really considered that vital question!  The first thing I did was drape it over my shoulders like a traditional shawl - arrow tip over one shoulder and one wide-end corner over the other shoulder.

It's such an easy way to wear and showcase the yarn and stitching.  My very next thought was to drape it opposite of this - like a kerchief would be worn with the majority of the shawl in the front.

This shawl also wears like a scarf - simply fold it in half long-ways.  It's a great way for wearing with a heavy jacket or coat because it's narrow, manageable, and double warm for swirling around your neck and face.

Lastly, it can wear like a poncho!  First, drape the wide end over one shoulder so that it's centered over one arm, bring the tip around the front and over your opposite shoulder, around your back, and tuck it under the wide end of the shawl, back toward the front of the first shoulder.  BAM.  Poncho.

I know there are dozens of ways to wear this beauty & I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. I'd also like to thank Mare for not only providing all of the gorgeous photos, but for being such a fantastic model, ta-boot!

Happy knitting, friends! xo

Ridge and Arrow Infinity