a long, long, time ago

its been terribly long, hasn't it?  since i was here last i've been doing little more than working and scrambling to keep up on only the most demanding household tasks.  i've also been spending some time on my girls - talking and laughing and enjoying the turn of the earth that delivers the sun and enjoy all the warmth it brings.

working is working is working so i'll touch on some of the more interesting topics quickly and while i still can before exhaustion sets in.

little lady marlowe (the pup hubs rescued a couple years ago) has returned to us, we now have a hedgehog named princess winifred, and my mother has indulged my fantasy of chicken rearing.  it's safe to say we are in up to our ears in creatures and i couldn't be happier.  

tnna was here in indy and i was fortunate enough to meet so many of my IG friends, editors, and fellow designers.  it was such a blessing to share face time with such a fantastic collection of people.

all the hard work i had to keep under wraps last year is coming to the surface now.  it's really a relief to see my patterns in print as if all that work was just being sent off into the universe for so long and i now can hold that work in my hands, reconstructed, reborn, and very much tangible.  After Bailiwick, Sea Anemone was released in Knits Summer, Linen and Lace in Creative Knitting, and there are about a half dozen more queued up through September.  I desperately look forward to this same feeling (ten fold) next fall.

now to sleep - while i can. xo