walking through a forest of moccasin breath

It is gloriously warm now.  There are seven days of school remaining which means the little one is moving on to second grade and the big one is moving on to eighth.  How is that even possible?  Ugh.  Hubs sucked out the poison of that sting by finally  allowing me a gigantic hammock for the yard.  Earlier, around dusk, the girls and I piled on that baby with a stack of pillows and blankets and watched youtube videos of leslie and the lys.  

photo 2.JPG

It made me dread the onset of summer a little less.  I hope we can have more giggly fun days than bitchy girl days and enjoy each other despite the insane amount of work I have to get done.  I wish I could share my knitting because the sample I finished today is... well, astounding.  The fam may be annoyed at times with my non-stop workaholism however, they're certainly enjoying the AC that I flipped on so early in the season I think it broke some sort of record.  I realized very quickly that knitting and sweating simply don't mix and I don't have the luxury of putting down the needles until cooler weather settles back in.