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A lovely, far away friend messaged the other day.  You're so busy.  And I am.  Wildly busy with the number of scarves I have in the air at any given moment.  So many major changes on the homefront have completely transformed the world for us - from moving to changing up schools for the girls to taking on care of our great-niece and nephew.  As with any change, it took time to adjust and settle in and I think I'm still floating on the surface of that adjustment.

So, I savor the late morning before lunch when the silly little ones are here and my own people are away.  We have a neat rhythm of our very own.  They are my little explorers and finding backyard treasures is on the daily to-do.  Oliver grabs the speaker from the kitchen and places it carefully in the yard - normally on the deck - and hands me my phone.  Music please.  We usually begin with a deck dance party, then move to the teepee to relax.  Then, the hunt begins.

Leaf, acorn, and buckeye collecting... moss, mushroom, and lichen spottings...

We talk a lot about the seasons and turning of the leaves.  We dream of snow and laugh at the thought of the dogs running, and rolling in a heavy white blanket.

Though I'm up far too early and in bed far too late, exasperated by the bickering and banter, sometimes overwhelmed and feeling the call to retreat behind my secret shyness, I press on and grab ahold of the joyful moments because they are, by nature, fleeting. 

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