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Oh, Fiora.

I don't talk about the yarns I'm using in much detail, but I think it's something I should share a bit more about.  I will occasionally come across a yarn that hypnotizes me - Northbound Knitting's Merino/Silk DK was a good example of that and every concept I had I thought, "wow, that NBK DK sure would be a great yarn for this!" but I have to reach deep inside and pull out some self-control or everything I made would be, well, one note.  

I'm currently working on a design for the Holla Knits Summer collection and after going back and forth trying to source yarn, Allyson finally landed on Fiora and I'm glad she did.  Berroco Fiora... there are many, many fibers blended to create this neat little strand.  When I was a newer knitter I thought plant fiber was evil because the cottons or bamboo blends were either too stiff or too slippery, weaving in ends made me crazy, and without consistent stitching, every flaw jumped off the fabric like a flashing beacon.  Fiora is everything I now love about plant-based fiber with the added benefit of a nice animal fiber blend for added warmth and drape.  Specifically, It's 40% Cotton, 30% Rayon/Viscose, 15% Alpaca, 10% Nylon, and 5% Wool.  It has a lot of depth of color and texture - The cotton is soft and feels like it  compresses and exhales as I knit, the rayon adds shine, and you can see the dark, wiry strands of alpaca if you look closely.  

I have a suspicion that this is going to join that Northbound Knitting Merino/Silk DK.

The design is coming along nicely also.  I only have a few inches of knitting to go on the front band and I get to start blocking.  This is one I'm really excited about getting on the blocking board and I'm already plotting the specifics.  I'm not entirely sold on this button though.  I have another on its way that is a little less obvious - smaller and silvery with some delicate patterning.  We'll see which way the wind takes me.

And, the snow finally came.  I'm so grateful it's nothing like last winter and even though I'm ready for the golden sun of summer, I'm happy to see the girls having snowball fights, giggling, and running free in the white landscape with pink noses and chapped lips.


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