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I finished my design for the HollaKnits Summer collection, buttoned up the pattern, took some pics for the step-by-step bits, and wandered around the house wearing it while it was still just a bit damp because, well, it's that tasty.  I spoke about the yarn I used in the last post and mentioned it was mostly cotton blended with a few other fibers including alpaca.  I don't know how frequently you've knit with alpaca, but I've had my fare share of run-ins with ultimate double-edged sword of fiber in the past.  I was pretty confident going in because of that heavy cotton content, feeling it wasn't going to completely lose it's cool when I began blocking, and I'm happy to report everything went according to plan.  If you're reading this and scratching your head like, "what is this crazy chick going on about?" then you've never made the mistake of tossing a big ole' alpaca sweater into a sudsy bath and realized it just quadrupled in size.

The point is.... I've learned from my mistakes and even though that alpaca was sitting back there at the bottom of the fiber list mocking me, I felt sure the strong cotton would hold and so into the bath it went.  Blocking is the greatest part of knitting for me - which you know if you've been around or following IG for any length of time so I dove in as quickly as I could.  

and you just can't argue with the results.

I can't wait to share this pattern! x

GATHER, gather.

Oh, Fiora.