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Waking Tide

I've decided to try something new with this pattern!  It's been out to testers and I've gotten back my first round of notes, but here's the his is the story:

I've gotten wildly different yarn usage numbers coming back.  This is strange and concerning so I'm throwing it back out to see if I can nail down the issue.  One test using the suggested yarn squeaked in with original suggested amount.  Another, using comparable yarn was WAY off, like two hanks!  And that's unacceptable.  Another test using the suggested yarn had almost a half hank left over.  If you add my sample that had almost an entire hank left over, that adds up to the bermuda triangle of sweaters.  No one had an issue getting gauge so.... It's too weird.

Now, if you're feeling brave and you think you can handle a yarn quantity mystery, I'm going to let you take a crack at this pattern for free!  Seriously.  I have another group of testers that have already gotten their hands on the pattern and I'll be asking them for all the notes I normally beg my testers for, but you guys who are willing to dive into these murky waters, I want to know what yarn and needles you used, what the gauge was, what size you worked up, and how many yards it took to get to the finish line or, if you can weigh your sample, how many grams.

Click (free preview is now closed) to grab the pattern for FREE until Friday, March 13th.  The final pattern will be released on Ravelry Friday, March 27th at 4pm EST, so needles ready! (Use hashtag #WakingTide on Instagram so we can all follow along)

** Also, if you're in the LA area, you can see my sample of the Waking Tide Pullover at Gather DTLA during my trunk show the entire month of March **


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