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Progress & Handmade for Baby

I finished my beautiful new design last week and managed to wear it three days in a row.  It's just one of those incredibly versatile, cozy, easy, cardigans and the MCN from Northbound Knitting makes it the perfect spring piece.  Even on chilly, rainy days, I can throw it on rather than a jacket and know I'll stay warm and dry.  I haven't taken (it off to take) pictures of it, really - just a few snapshots of the pocket creation for a mini tutorial that will coincide with the pattern release.  And even though the pattern is so very close to being finished, I'm going to let it rest briefly.  The Waking Tide phenomenon is taking up a lot of time right now and I can't even fathom sending another piece for testing at the moment.

I have a few designs for publication that yarn should be rolling in for any day now and I also have the next pattern resurrection finished and waiting in the FO basket to be photographed. Things on the homefront have seized my attention though and I'm finding it difficult to attack my self-published work at the same pace I've been keeping lately.  

We're in the very early stages transition and it's sort of like having to get out of bed on a particularly cold, dark morning.  Even though I know our lives as a whole are going to become more grounded, settled, and pointed directly at our 10 year plan, it's the initial break from our comfort zone that is jarring me.  It's exhausting and stressful and at times a little scary. But, enough about all that.  

I was happy to find a package on the doorstep with a copy of Handmade for Baby wrapped up neatly inside.  I had contributed to this book - many, many moons ago after the author, Charlotte Rivers contacted me.  I sketched up a few prospective patterns for her to review and she asked if I had any super simple bootie or sock patterns I could pitch her.  I thought about the simplest shaping possible and came up with this: 

These booties are knit flat from the cuff to the toe with a few simple decreases, then seamed up the bottom.  You're probably wondering about the heel turn and all that kind of stuff, but remember, I was focused on simplicity which led me to the simple genius that is a tube sock.  Then I wondered if they would be practical since you just don't see knitted tube socks.  Well, baby feet are just squishy, fat sausages anyhow so I went for it and Charlotte was on board.

My good friend Mare met with me a few times to take pics of the finished samples, but also for step-by-step instructions.  All of the knitting illustrations are created from the pics she took of my weird hands and I think after going through the hundreds of hand pictures, they all just sort of morphed into weird alien sea creatures, so I'm eternally grateful to her for all of her time and work.

I hope you'll check out this adorable book - and not just for my simple little booties, but for all of the ridiculously adorable crafting ideas for little ones (the Gnome Hat by Eri Flores, Felt Animal Book by Sanae Ishida, and Hand-stamped leggings by Zeena Shah are a few of my favorites). 


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