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Francis Flats Resurrection!

The Ravelry Revolution has been such a huge part of my path to design as I'm sure it was for many.  I posted my very first pattern (free of course) back in October, 2010 and speaking of which, that very pattern is next up in my pattern resurrection series!  This has been a thrilling project for me because I'm able to see my designs objectively, edit and alter as needed, and push on.  My oldest was patiently listening to my ramblings about how funny it is to look back at my yarn selections or sizing to fit my own limitations at the time and she said simply, "you had so much to learn, grasshopper."  and she was right.  I did have so much to learn!  

This was a particularly fun pattern for me to revisit and resurrect.  I re-worked these babies from the ground up editing everything from the available sizes to the stitches used.

These were my first attempt at a sock-ish pattern, worked toe up and featuring a square toe.  Where did I even learn about a square toe back then because I kid you not, I've never seen another.  I know it wasn't of my own design (like the comfort toe.  Oh you delicious comfort toe.  It's in my book so, the count-down to October begins), so where DID that square toe come from??  I kept it nonetheless and changed only the increase method for the toe shaping.  Good job, past me - that was a fun toe to knit.

I also changed the stitches so that they made sense for the shape of the slipper.  The original design had this strange ribbing before the bind-off and the sides were stockinette so they curled into the sides of the foot.  Gross, right?  HA!  I scrapped all that craziness and added some good old fashioned Garter st.  Done and done.

The heels got a little make-over also and I decided on no-wrap short rows over the overly-complex tangle of short rows I fumbled together for the first pattern release.

And, the color.  Man.  I had knit these in a navy blue the first go around so all those stitches just vanished into the darkness.  I really enjoyed working with the Baah! Sanoma and I think this Byzantine Gold is simply divine.

Even though I altered almost every detail, the bones were there, the concept was solid, the construction was spot on, and the design is still as cute as I thought it was all those years ago. 

You can find the updated pattern and more details on Ravelry - I hope you enjoy!


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