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The interim

I'm not actually between projects, and really I rarely am, but while I wait for yarn to arrive for one design, I'm already sending out sketches and requests for the next.  It's that cycle of hustling that one does when each piece is a paycheck.

 I don't know your feelings about knit picks yarn or tools, but when I was a newer knitter, I thought they were kings of the industry because I could AFFORD what supplies they were offering.  I've contributed to four of their collections and (obviously) to their new free pattern program, but I've only submitted one IDP pattern with them... the simple Farmhouse Baby Blanket.  I still pull in a lot of revenue from that pattern and so with the lull in cash flow, waiting months for publication dates to make their way around, I decided to hit them up with a new IDP design.  A shawl.  The yarn was on my doorstep maybe two days after making my request which by any standard is pretty outstanding.  I'm about half through the sample and pattern, and have received yarn for another book contribution and so, I've put this neat little shawl aside for more pressing deadlines.

I like the balance and the juggling act for the most part.  I have two sweaters in testing right now and released Waking Tide for purchase today.  The Gather Pullover made its debut at Gather DTLA this week and from what I've heard, it's making a splash!  That is really music to my ears.  Every creative soul harbors secret corners of self-doubt and so I smile.  I'm excited to be releasing it to the public on the first of the month - also, if you're one of the folks on the LA yarn crawl and you've purchased the pattern in-store, I will be sending out the digital files once I get my hands on the list of Ravelry usernames and/or email addresses of all those who made purchases from the shop.

The girls are on spring break this week and next, and so before the entire family rises up against me in revolt against the lack of dinner on the table, I'll leave you with these funny pics of our mini trip to Ohio (with Flat Stanley).

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