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Adrift | the technique mastery sweater

I would never pick up my notebook and pencil with the singular purpose of designing a piece that would press the limits of any knitter's ability.  In fact, I'm normally aiming toward the opposite end of the spectrum, searching out the simplest path and making it appear complex and impressive.  Somehow, Adrift sent me sailing against my normal tide and I found myself throwing the kitchen sink at a very simple, casual pullover.

It began simple enough at the bottom edge in broken rib for both the body and sleeves, then into stockinette with a slipped stitch detail for the front and sleeves again, and a lovely textured pattern using garter ridges and simple eyelet nupps for the back.  The increases for the underarm gusset are simple and easy to manage.... but I had this wild yoke concept bouncing around in my head for months and I had to set it free for the sake of my sanity.  The sleeves finish off with short rows to create a nice set-in sleeve set-up however, I do not seam - or - I do not seam until all other options have been explored - so, I went ahead and joined those sleeves right onto the body as with any other bottom-up sweater.  Then, decreases curved gently from the underarms, cutting into the body before breaking off.  The top front and back of the yoke are both worked sideways, picking up body stitches along the way, and then are grafted to the opposite side near the sleeve cap to close.  It is really, very simple once you begin, but I imagine the reading of it is off-putting.  Finally, the neck stitches are picked up and finished up in broken rib.  Done.

So, how did I find my way meandering up, across, and around a sweater yoke like a child feeling her way through the dark?  I had a sketch and I was determined to stick to it.  A huge part of design is problem solving - from sketch to soak and this little darling pushed me right up against the wall.  I love the result though.  Man, an effort well worth the reward.  You may be flipping out because I clearly did NOT alternate hanks - which reminds me of that time my bestie got called out by a fellow knitter at a group knit night for not alternating hanks as if she was skinning a cat on the table - but sometimes, especially when working a self-published sample like this one, I need to knit with abandon and let the yarn go free - adrift - like shifting sands.

So, with spring upon us here in the northern hemisphere, I'll be wearing my Adrift on a regular basis.  You can now find the pattern on Ravelry (HERE) and I do hope you enjoy.  There are instructions for the close-fitting, gathered back as pictured above and an alternative, more relaxed fitting back.  I can't wait to see all of the beautiful samples the knitting community comes up with!


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