On mother's day

I mother like it's my job.  

It's my real daily - keeping track of who needs how much money for which field trip/fund raiser/lunch account, which kid wears tall socks and which prefers mis-matched, what day that project is due (oh, that's the same day as that other award ceremony!)... and it can be crazy stressful and never, ever boring.  We hear it all the time - the most thankless job - but after FOURTEEN years of motherhood and trying to find the balance between being in service to my little loves and being a servant to them I learned that demanding thanks is appropriate.  

My husband is mostly totally awesome and when I'm doing chores (cleaning up his and the children's messes) while they all sit around eating snacks and watching YouTube fails, I start singing "Cinderella, cinderella!" Hubs hears it and responds to the siren song it is.  He jumps into action, delegating tasks for himself and the girls.  And when the littlest is ripping through the house on high whines and screeeeches and my eyes start to bulge out of my head, again he jumps in and demands a daddy-daughter date to the movies.

And so, even though I'm the mama and I do all the mama things - Mother's Day would be just another day in the trenches without my guy stepping in to make sure I can keep the cogs turning.

Happy day to all the mamas - and to all the guys waiting in the wings to prop her up.