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Mountain Meadow Wool Powell

It's review time again, and I made sure to post this after TNNA weekend.  Mountain Meadow Wool launched their new yarn at the trade show called Powell and I had the honor of getting my hands on it a few weeks before it was released to the public.

MAN, I fell in love with this yarn from the moment I stripped the hank of its label.  I want to knit sweaters and blankets and all the warmest, coziest things with it. Also, I knit up a hat using the yarn and will be giving it away so be sure to head over to the review for details about that (bonus: I never have time to knit for anyone anymore so you'd be one of the few people that would own something knit by these hands!  My mother reminds me of this regularly... I have some great knitter for a daughter and do you think I have a single hat or sweater or shawl?  No.  Sorry ma, enter the giveaway!)ea

And finally, I have to give my oldest daughter credit for modeling the hat for me.  She's 14 and in the thick of teen girl stuff so getting her to sit there with a hat on while I snapped pictures was actually a pretty big deal.


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