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Zealana Yarns Valla Capelet KAL | first leg

I almost forgot what a joy it is to knit with Air Lace.  I mean, normally I would see "lace" and run for the hills but there is something special about this little strand.  The base of the Natural is almost a silvery taupe completely enclosed in a golden brown halo and the fabric is so light  - like you're never really getting your hands on the core, just on the fluffy cushion of softness surrounding it.  It's a hard thing to describe but it makes for a yarn that's hard to put down.

Dare I admit here, publicly, that I finished the first ball in ONE DAY?  It's true.  I had a million things going on earlier in the month with designs for publication and trying to finish out the school year not missing one ice cream social or award ceremony - oh, and also I was packing for 4 humans and 7 animals with our move zooming toward us... it's a testament to the power of AIR.

Just before buckling down for the move, I stole some time with my Valla and some pretty great evening sun was filtering in.  I realized how the light danced on the yarn and how the golden brown halo suddenly popped to life! 

And doesn't it look like the piece has blurred edges?  That glorious halo.  There's nothing like it.  I've since joined my second ball and will post an update before moving on to the third and final ball meaning I'll be in the homestretch!!

Stitch happy x

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