Chin up.

I always want summer to be a cheery and relaxing time spent outdoors enjoying the breeze and fresh berries.  I want to eat outside, wear short shorts, and have popsicles for breakfast after late nights at the drive-in.  However, without fail, I end up battling the "it's too hot!" or "it's too cold" wails from the little one and splashes of screaming about splinters and wind.  Right now she is on the couch screaming "oh my head, my head, ow ow ow" because I made her put a bandage on which immediately caused a headache of monumental proportions.

These are the good old days.  This is the stuff we look back on and say "oh, if only those were still our big problems."  Hubs and I remind each other of that regularly in an effort to tune out the non-stop siren of our Mae.  She's not a horrid child by any means and can be the brightest, sweetest, and most jovial person in this family but her despair, anger, and frustration are equally met.

Today I'm giving her the award for silliest face and choose to ignore how obnoxious she's being until she decides it's no longer fun to be so.

Hashtag #MomProblems :)