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Cicely Shawl

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Amanda last spring asking if I'd be interested in joining the team for the Taproot Magazine issue, FOLK.

This was one of those designs that really just peeled off the page of my sketchbook, transforming into a wearable reality.  I was grateful that Amanda seemed to have so much faith in me having never worked together before, and when I sent her this snapshot from my phone as we worked fast to nail down a design, I was relieved by her joyful response with the okay to pull the trigger.  You see, with the chaos of the spring, we weren't able to really move forward with the concept until mid-summer, narrowing the options based on the time it would take to simply execute the samples!  We decided this simple staple shawl was perfect - and that it would be available in a whopping FIVE sizes.  

The yarn I used for my samples (pictured) was Traveler Sport by The Plucky Knitter in Sticky Toffee and Stay Outta the Hay.  I admit I'd never used Plucky yarn before this however, Karen from Fringe Supply Co introduced me to the ladies at Stitches South only weeks before and was astonished by the frantic fandom that was ensuing around me in their booth.  I figured the yarn had to be worth getting my hands on.

Many thanks to my dear friend Mare Pasely for taking all the beautiful photos and to my little Maela for being such a sweet and patient model.

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