Glitches in the Matrix

Deja vu aside, I've never experienced anything I would consider "glitches" until recently.  Don't worry, I'm not wearing my tin foil hat or anything (and isn't there a link between foil and Alzheimer's? *insert wink and then gritting teeth just in case it's a proven thing now)... I'm already getting off topic.  

As we know, in my last post, I went on at length about a design I was working on that I ended up ripping all the way back and starting over.  I'm still in progress with that baby, but there was another design on the books that is due right around the same time.  This one, I swore, would go more smoothly.

You're probably looking at these pictures and thinking, "Oh that poor thing. She's so deep in it that she has the pictures switched."  I assure you that I do not.  The picture on the left is from the other day and the one on the right was taken moments ago.  Once again, I've found myself thinking that the color changes and stitch sections just weren't going to end up as I had imagined.  This isn't something I do to myself often, but I'm starting to feel like it's my terrible new pace.  I'm not a slow knitter, but I'm not a fast one by any means.  I'm getting tired of myself and my back-ticking. And so, as I begin to re-knit again, and begin to re-write again, I feel like I'm playing out a long, tortuous scene of deja vu, or matrix glitches, or some sort of cosmic lesson that I'm sure has something to do with the moon and Aquarius and the impending eclipse.  Honestly, though.  Where's the excitement if you aren't frantically knitting with multiple deadlines looming over your head?

But also, I parked in a parking spot that Alizah said wasn't a parking spot because all the other ones said "VISITOR" in big white letters on the blacktop, but I was sick of driving around so I parked there anyways and then when we came back to the car, our spot miraculously said "VISITOR" in big white letters on the blacktop because there is definitely a glitch in the matrix.