Little Frosting...

Finally, right?


This super-snuggle-sweater is now available for the small people in your life from 2T to 16y - adapted from one of my most beloved patterns to date, the Frosting Pullover from Knitscene Winter 2016 - and honestly my most worn pullover so you had might as well knit one for yourself while you're at it.

For those unfamiliar with how Little Frosting came to be, my little Mae was so in love with my   sample for Knitscene that she requested one in her size.  Being 10 at the time, I would have to re-work the pattern for her and figured I had might as well share the wealth!  Blue Sky Fibres was kind enough to provide yarn for the mini-version also, and Mae selected Aqua.  The pattern will be available here on my website exclusively and can be found in my SHOP.

Thanks for hanging in there with me while I drug my feet getting this pattern off the ground!