Are you ready to start Making Things?

Tomorrow is the big day - the Making Things App launch! And if you’d like to get a sneak peek before then because you just can’t wait, you can head to my designer profile now to check it out.

The link will take you to my designer profile page (and don’t worry, more patterns - including the new Gioia Slant Cardigan - are making their way onto the platform), you can click on any of my patterns to see the pics and pattern info but you won’t be able to access the patterns until you sign up for your membership. If you click the arrow on the top left corner, you will find yourself on the gallery page where you can explore all sorts of patterns from a variety of amazing designers along with a request for early access. I can’t wait to see this app get off the ground and completely transform the way we access and use knitting (and crochet!) patterns.

I just posted about how Making Things works, all about their subscription approach to pattern sharing, etc so head to my last post to read all of the details.