Ellen Saddle Gansey Reboot!

Have your seen Interweave’s new Knit.Wear Wool Studio 101 collection? I knew a reboot was coming, I just haven’t been great about keeping up with such things, so when I popped onto Ravelry and saw the updated pattern, it was a nice little surprise.

I love the styling. I love the color. I love the fact that they put Ellen on a fresh-faced young lady. This gansey made its debut within the pages of my first book, Family-Friendly Knits and it’s still my go-to pullover for when the temps dip into the negatives. The raised, bottleneck collar, the insanely warm wool, the simplicity in silhouette and texture, the neatly fitted shoulders…. it really is one of the most loved pullovers in my collection.

Have you knit the Ellen Saddle Gansey or plan on knitting it?? Use #ellensaddlegansey in any social median post so that I can follow along and see your beautiful pullover.