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Tech Talk [Crochet reinforced hem]

Tech Talk [Crochet reinforced hem]


I’ve used this technique a few times and you’ll find it used -though slightly varied- for one of the patterns in my upcoming book. When I finally set out to re-boot and re-write the Align Mitts pattern that everyone loves, I wanted to add details to the pattern that would set it apart from the recipe and offer knitters plenty of information that the recipe didn’t. There is a size up for men’s, there are pattern-format instructions that are suitable for all needles rather than DPNs specifically, and this tutorial is included within the pages of the pattern. I’m not sure how this tutorial will be displayed on the Making Things App format, and since I also include the technique for one of the book patterns, I thought it was prudent to provide it here, too.

For this technique, you will need a crochet hook in a similar size to the needles you used to knit your garment. In this case, the Align Mitts are knit using US 3/3.25mm needles and the hook used is size 4/3.5mm/E. Now, I learned to crochet under the watchful eyes of my aunt when I was about 13, and even though I did crochet for a few years on and off, I never held my hook correctly, I never learned all of the fun stitch patterns, I really never grasped the increasing and decreasing stuff, however I always was fascinated by knitting. I bring this up because I think it’s a rather common suggestion for all knitters to know the absolute basics of crochet since techniques like this one -though not really crochet per se- are very useful! If you have very limited knowledge of crochet or none at all, you will still be able to work this reinforced hem.

The following instructions are a bit more thorough (ie wordy lol) than those included in the pattern since I was trying to cut it back as much as possible for space in the pattern. If you have any questions about these instructions or the technique in general, please let me know!


Step 1: Create a slip knot and place this stitch onto your hook. Use the crochet hook to pull loop through first St st at cast-on edge, or where you would like your reinforced hem to begin.


Step 2: Insert hook through next stitch at cast on edge, wrap working yarn around hook

Step 3: Pull the yarn wrapped around the hook through the fabric from the WS to the RS, there are now two stitches (as shown) on the hook, now pull the new stitch through the first stitch on the hook


Step 4: Continue the crochet slip stitch by inserting the hook into next st, wrapping yarn and pulling new stitch through to the RS of work, then pulling new stitch through first stitch on hook, working to last stitch you would like reinforced


Step 5: Drop the last stitch from hook, insert hook through last stitch you want reinforced from WS to the RS, place the dropped stitch back onto the hook and pull the stitch to the WS of the fabric


Step 6: Break yarn and pull tail through the stitch, pulling tight to secure. Weave in ends and block gently.



This lamp.

This lamp.