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Stratosphere Shawl

Stratosphere Shawl


If you haven't seen my review of the Brown Sheep Yarn Co's new yarn, Stratosphere, you can head over and check it out HERE.  The yarn was really the inspiration for this shawl and the entire process was extremely liberating.  The way designs come to life varies wildly and the organic, off the cuff creations are often my favorite.

I received some really great feedback on this shawl and decided to buckle down and get the pattern out to share with the masses (which is something I was riding the fence about because I have these little only child issues that make me want to clutch what's mine and keep it there, even if only for a moment).  SO, I got past it, and I'm sharing *wink*.

There are a couple things I want to point out as I prepare to launch the pattern.  First, since I was working the shawl up just willy-nilly without necessarily considering the fact that it would become a pattern for sale, I worked additional rows at the beginning of the first diamond center before the charted portion begins which means it doesn't match the chart instructions or the following diamond center exactly.  I think that should be mentioned for those who are particular about matching their sample to the pattern sample precisely (which I believe is a natural inclination).


As you can see, the cable columns on either side of the center diamond shape are repeated a total of 8 times on the upper portion and a total of 7 times on the lower portion.  It's incredibly minor and you likely wouldn't have noticed it had I not pointed it out.  Just keep in mind that if you are going to work up the pattern, your sample will have a total of 7 repeats on both the top and bottom portions.

The second point I want to cover is that the fringe loops are basically my most favorite element and I prefer to leave them uncut.  The only flaw is that they will catch on basically everything.  Cut them if you like or suffer a bit with them catching like me because it just seems so darn worth it!

Lastly, there are portions of the pattern that are fully charted, but the charts are very uncomplicated. It is often easier to chart than to write out line by line (it's also a space saver).  There are also a few techniques/knitting actions that are going to seem odd.  There is actually 2-color slip stitch cabling, but only for a couple rows and know you can do it!  Reading the pattern carefully and following step-by-step is going to be key, so take your time.  The applied fringe is really fun, too so go for it.  Be a fearless knitter!

I'll be working on the finishing touches this week which means Stratosphere is queued for launch this Friday, August 17.  See you then. 


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Interweave 100 Knits - and the best way to knit socks.

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