February News

There are a few great things happening this month, friends.

First, I’ve decided to get back on Twitter after years of inactivity so, if you’re a twitter person, you can find me there as @pinkbrutus.

Next, newsletter folks already got a sneak peek, but I have another design in the newest issue of Taproot Magazine, REVIVE. This is a giant, snuggle-worthy stole worked up in Purl Soho Worsted Twist and you’re not going to want to miss it! Be sure to subscribe to Taproot Mag (or order a copy on their website) and follow them on social media for updates.

Ovale Stole :: Taproot Magazine REVIVE :: COMING SOON

Ovale Stole :: Taproot Magazine REVIVE :: COMING SOON

Lastly, have you noticed the Bistort Fabric? It’s over there on the side bar… and I posted about it a bit on Instagram. I’m so, so excited to share this little project with you guys! This all started with a super secret surprise I have planned for my book launch so, obviously I can’t share (even though I’m chomping at the bit). I know that the Bistort Pullover is something of a fan favorite, and there are a lot of talented — even brave — knitters tackling 3 and 4 colors in a round for the sake of magical knitting craftsmanship (check out #bistortpullover on IG for some gorgeous examples), but I thought it would be a great fabric, too! All the reward without the work. As of right now, I have two color schemes available - the first is the color palette used in the Knit Picks Encircled collection and the other is a feminine pink and blush palette with some olive green - soft and sweet. I’m waiting on test prints for a third palette based off of the colors I used for my personal sample and honestly, I can’t wait to see how that one turns out.

I have a few designs in progress right now, with deadlines coming out my nose.

So, bye for now and be well, friends!