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Sneak Peek // Upcoming Yarn Review

Sneak Peek // Upcoming Yarn Review

I don’t normally do these sneak peeks, but I have given myself quite a long time to review this yarn for reasons that will be abundantly clear come September. However, this little project has been so soothing, especially late night when my insomnia comes bursting in!

We’ve had two deaths in the family this summer following the death of gran last fall which has created a strange sort of unbalance - or - wave of disturbance in the energy around here. My friend Emily says there’s some major cosmic stuff happening, too which might explain the buzzing unrest. Needless to say, I’m digging my heels in, trying to keep balance, stay level, and not be reactive.

I’ve got some knitting classes coming up though, and all of this buzzing has kept me from fretting over what that means for my very serious social anxiety. I was chatting with my (now ex editor - insert actual tears -) about the whole thing over lunch the other day and she suggested I just get ahead of it right out of the gate. Walk in, explain to the class that I freak out when people look and me, and ask them to keep their eyes adverted. I lost it. I mean, I was fully laughing hysterically because I just envisioned myself with my back to the classroom, catching the vapors and holding on for dear life.

Pharmaceuticals and I don’t get along so I’ll be going full mind over matter on this one. We’ll see how it goes. I will, of course, share if it’s a complete disaster. All but one of my classes is full or nearly full, but if you’d like to see me fall out for yourself, head over to my events page and click the link to register!

Now, to the sneak peek of this yummy, yummy yarn review…


Oh. Hello soft little single ply…

I’m seriously in love and I can’t wait to share all of the details!!!

Call for testers

Call for testers