fingers on fire

so, mare was totally right and the bandana cowl was a fantastic project!  i used cascade 128.  it was perfect.  the pic on the left is a good representation of the color.

tonight is date night at mare’s and the fabulous faux will be joining, making it even more exciting - and seriously, i need it.  yesterday was one of those ripping-my-hair-out-just-won’t-cut-it days peppered with moments of pure joy and jest and warmth and laughter.

some of my favorite moments from yesterday:


  • library time with the little girls
  • leaving mae at the top of the escalator on accident and having to go back up for her.  all the while she watched victoria and me go down while shaking her head and covering her eyes as if she couldn’t believe what a ninny i was.
  • the green screen antics (right picture)
  • listening to the girls talk about how cool it would be to slide down the glass on the atrium roof & about all the buildings they could see (middle picture)
  • yarn shopping AND purchasing
  • seeing a mess of little ones i haven’t seen in far too long & squeezing a baby
  • doing something that has to do with the short row sweater kal that mare says is going to make everyone feel like losers, so i won’t say (just yet)
  • getting the coolest thank-you card in the mail
  • taking a shower?  should this be on the list?  well, it took me a whole two days to squeeze in and it was like… 10pm.  i was so relieved that i felt like i was on survivor or something, so i’m gonna say - yes.  it totally makes the list.


i’m hoping for a less exciting forecast for today - or at least less of the hair ripping out and more of the good stuff.

when it's hot then it's cold

it’s storming something frightful outside.

it’s warm though.  or, it was earlier today.  mae and i picked alizah up from school as usual, and brought old cap along to enjoy the fresh air.  his ears flapping in the wind cracks me up.  he’s getting to be such a good dog. 

alizah has  a cold.  hubs has a cold.  mae and i are fighting.  i made us all some good tea.  freshly dried garden herbs + local chunk honey + propolis, royal jelly, & bee pollen = relief.  oh - and as always, a teaspoon of peppercorns to help fight the cold virus.  i need some ginger and lemons, too.  what have i been doing at the grocery store?  lord.

i have a full week ahead of me - taking in an extra kid for a couple nights, and back into the usual babysitting schedule, plus a super awesome play date/dinner/craft date with mare so…  no. getting. sick.

short row sweater.  nearly done with the back left already.  a week?  really?  we’ll see how long it takes me to get all the ribbing done around the sleeves, neck, and back.  the rest of the crew may very well zoom past me as i begin to slow… slow… stop.  i’ll post pics once it sort of looks like something.  right now it looks like a big squiggly mess.  mare made this which i had linked to a while back and now… it’s tugging at me.  she said she absolutely loved the pattern - another short row based design - and that it was a great weekend project.  hmmm.  could the devilsh lady distraction finally be rearing her ugly head?  so goes it.  happy monday, people.  xo