a productive week.  i only had daycare kids one day leaving lots of time to get crackin’ on stuff for the artisian fair (in two weeks!!!).  i’ve been tooling around with a simple sewn bonnet pattern and i think i’ve finally got it.  the pattern takes about 15” x 11” of fabric and maybe 15 - 20 minutes to complete.  cake.

i’ve made plenty of time for the short row sweater, too.  i have the right back done and started the front yesterday.  there is a lot and i mean a lot of shuffling stitches around at this point so if you’re making this sweater, make sure to have plenty of scrap yarn and a yarn needle on hand.  i was in a rush and ran out the door with it and when i took a break at work and picked it up,  i ended up having to make a yarn needle out of a paperclip.  fail.  

things here are shifting.  the season i guess.  i’ve been cleaning and clearing and ripping the foul carpet off the stairs and getting ready to settle in.  i’ve also been craving cleansing teas.  weird?  on friday i was feeling that yucky i’m-totally-about-to-get-sick-right-now feeling so i ran across the street to the health food store and took a shot of wheat grass and ordered a ginger-aid.  i love the fresh juice bar.  mmmm.  i felt considerably better within an hour.  i did the same saturday afternoon.  i’ve also been taking my holy basil tonic and i’d love to say i’m noticing a bit more relief in my shoulders than i am, but… not yet.  they are a bit looser feeling and i can actually hold mae for a little while, but they’re really just awful.  if any one out there has found a good remedy for lupus pain, i’m all ears!  right now i’m really just using propolis and holy basil.  

hubs was having trouble breathing and found out he’s been having mini panic attacks.  he’s on meds right now and hating it.  he sweats it out… like me and ibuprofen… and he says it gives him the shakes.  but, for now, he’ll stay with it.  he’s been sleeping for the first time for years and he can actually just sit with the girls and watch a movie or play.  he’s not nearly as anxious.  so far, it’s good.  i’m an anti-meds kinda chick, but if this at least teaches him to be calm and let his mind rest, it’s a step in the right direction. 

now it’s time for me to get into that mode.  tea time.  short row sweater time. xo

"thanks" never felt so good!

for any and all familiar with the “opera” stuff i’ve been knitting on for ages…  

hubs shipped them out and i just got an e-mail the other day from the buyer letting me know they had arrived and that they were absolutely PERFECT!  what a wonderful, weight lifting, beautiful relief.  she thanked me again and even sent me a little bonus for my efforts!

for those unfamiliar with the project, it was a commissioned work from the sydney opera house.  they sent me the wardrobe designer’s drawings of a bonnet and scarf with measurements.  i then created patterns and knitted them to their specifications.  writing the pattern was the trickiest bit of the bonnet project - the pure scale was the trickiest part of the scarf project!  it was a monumental 9” by 80”!!!

i work in the front lines 40 hours a week - retail that is - and i witness first hand how terrible people can be - how horrifyingly unappreciative and nasty they REALLY can be!  and i see it with the hubs and his clients day in and day out… i spent months stitching away worried to death that something wouldn’t be right, so to have the client be absolutely satisfied and thankful seems like such a blessing!  


PHEW!  i finally have the opera scarf & bonnet done and ready to go.

when alizah gets home sunday i’ll take pics of the bonnet - as for now, please enjoy this pic of hubs in the opera scarf…

MAN, what a great feeling to have those ready to ship.

i have one etsy order i’m working on (intarsia = crazy court) then it’s back to the chemo caps, then friend and family orders.  sorry friends and family.  

the chemo turban for my mom’s friend is still coming along nicely.  the cap portion is finished, now i’m on the turban portion.  trying to decipherer vintage patterns is like reading hieroglyphs!  LORD!  who would-a thunk?

i love this color, and i think it’s going to be lovely.  the other blue is AMAZING, but i’d truly hate to give her something she felt was too loud…

this is my last entry for 2010!!!

i hope everyone has a VERY safe and AWESOME new year’s!